IKI Krav Maga England

Junior Krav Maga

Our Junior Krav Maga gives your children the skills they need to be safe on our streets and hold themselves well so as to be less likely to be selected as a target for bullying or attack.

Not only do they learn to protect themselves physically but they come to understand how aggressive people operate.

IKI England is delivered by DBS checked instructors, that understand the current problems that the youth of today face in everyday life, one such problem is gangs and gang culture.

Studies have found that children and especially teanagers who study Self Defence develop a sense of responsibility, and far less likely to follow the crowd and get involved in violent or criminal activity.

IKI England will help your child develop high self esteem and a self confidence that sets them apart from the crowd.

It is a fact that bullying is a big problem within this age group. Our students are equipped with proven self defence techniques and strategies to be able to defend themselves, but also have the mental skills to avoid conflict where possible.

A personal note from instructor Tony Preston

“Thank you for considering joining your child into IKI England. My mission is not to make fighters out of your children but to help them become great people with high self esteem and be of great character. Therefore it is a massive responsibility you place upon me and I will do everything possible to help your child be successful.”

Junior Krav Maga classes are from 5:30pm - 6:30 pm Wednesday

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